Drowned Forest Project (2003) 

Remnants of an ancient forest inundated by rising waters in Lake Huron over 7,000 years ago are explored and found to be remarkably well preserved.
A documentary DVD and teacher's guide are available.
Freshwater Invaders Project (2002)

Foreign species of animals and plants introduced to the Great Lakes have transformed the ecosystem, mostly to the detriment of native inhabitants.
Documentary DVD available.
Island Ecology Projects (1998)

Species of plants and reptiles isolated on Great Lakes islands for thousands of years were collected and studied.
The Norwood Project (2004)

Exploration of the lake bottom near a prehistoric mining site on Lake Michigan revealed an ancient land bridge and river channel exposed during a period of low water levels 8,000-10,000 years ago. 
A documentary DVD and teacher's guide are available.
Drowned coastlines of the prehistoric Great Lakes are being explored for sinkholes, underwater springs and other features
These shores were exposed during extreme low water
conditions some 10,000 years ago. 
In 2005 we explored one of these underwater sinkhole springs
Winner of three "Communicator Awards"!
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Explores and describes fossil record the of the ancient vast sea that once covered the region and left behind the limestone formations  that cradle the Great Lakes.  
Exploration of the Mackinac Channel and the archaeological  treasures along it's shores.  Fantastic underwater footage!

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